The Love Project Podcast

Introduction to The Love Project Podcast

September 23, 2015

My name is Iulia Calota and I wrote a book called The Love Project, which is the story of how I project managed love into my life.

And even though I wrote about it at length in my book, I still don’t feel like I’m finished with the subject. In this podcast, I want to continue to explore the relationship between project management tools and love (or passion) to serve as inspiration for you to go out into the world and take control of your heart’s desire.

In this introductory episode I will speak about the format and the goal of The Love Project podcast, which is to encourage you to create and follow through to completion your own projects, be it love, passion, career or self-development journeys that you are interested in.

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Music credit: 'Carefree' by Kevin McLeod

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